1989 - 2018

  1. 1989

    ECLISSE Srl was created

    De Faveri Luigi establishes ECLISSE srl in Falzé di Piave, Treviso. Here there is the production of ECLISSE SINGLE, ECLISSE DOUBLE, ECLISSE NOVANTA, ECLISSE TELESCOPIC and ECLISSE UNILATERAL.

  2. 1991

    The first patent

    In 1991, the first patent is obtained: the coupling system without welding of the mesh to the counterframe (plaster version). The absence of welds avoids the rust and possible mesh detachments.

  3. 1992

    The second patent

    The extractable track is patented. In the same year, ECLISSE produces the stud wall kit with aluminum profiles and screws.

  4. 1996

    ECLISSE France and ECLISSE Polska were established

    In 1996 the company moves to in Pieve di Soligo, within a dedicated structure. In the same year, ECLISSE inaugurates the first subsidiary under the name of ECLISSE France (Quimper). The expansion and consolidation in international markets leads ECLISSE to Poland. ECLISSE Polska is opened in Tczew.

  5. 2000

    The third patent was obtained

    ECLISSE patents the Under frame tear-off profile: it works on the same principle as opening the cans! Removing the base of the counterframe you can exploit the space whenever there are height differences between the counterframe already laid and the finished floor. The first website is launched. Today eclisseworld.com has 20 different sites!

  6. 2001

    ECLISSE Wien and ECLISSE CR are established

    The distribution network expands to the Austrian territory: it is the turn of ECLISSE Wien, in Vienna.
    The development of the group brings the company towards the opening of ECLISSE CR in Prague.

  7. 2002

    ECLISSE LUCE model is created

    In terms of production, ECLISSE revolutionizes the concept of the counterframe and produces ECLISSE LUCE, the system prepared for the insertion of electrical wiring.

  8. 2003

    ECLISSE CIRCULAR model is created

    In 2003, ECLISSE CIRCULAR model is introduced, which is the first counterframe for curved pocket doors in the market.

  9. 2004

    ECLISSE patents the self-centering lock system

    The self-centering lock system allows to reduce the installation time while guaranteeing an optimal centering and closing functionality.

  10. 2005

    The alignment bar became a patent

    The alignment bar keeps the counterframe perfectly aligned during installation thereby avoiding structural twists.

  11. 2006

    ECLISSE Iberia and ECLISSE Slovakia were established

    ECLISSE consolidates its presence in Spain and sets up ECLISSE Iberia. Our first version of pocket door without jambs and architraves is marketed. It is called ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LINE. ECLISSE Slovakia is opened in Banská Bystrica.

  12. 2007

    ECLISSE Brasil was created

    In 2007, ECLISSE Brasil (Vila Velia) is the first ECLISSE overseas subsidiary.

  13. 2008

    ECLISSE Deutschland was established

    The expansion continues in Germany with ECLISSE Deutschland.

  14. 2009

    ECLISSE Est was created

    ECLISSE Est in Bucharest officially becomes the subsidiary in Romania.

  15. 2010

    New patent: ECLISSE EWOLUTO® Single and Double

    The David Barley Co. changes in ECLISSE UK. New patent: ECLISSE EWOLUTO® Single and Double, the counterframe that allows you to hang wall cabinets, shelves and furniture. The ECLISSE Showroom in Milan is the first exhibition space devoted entirely to the sliding systems.

  16. 2012


    ECLISSE SYNTESIS® LUCE is the pocket door without jambs and architraves and simultaneously prepared for lighting. In Prague, the new ECLISSE showroom over 100 mq is inaugurated.

  17. 2013


    ECLISSE SYNTESIS® FLUSH COLLECTION is the modular system for completely flush walls that includes sliding pocket door systems and flush hinged doors.

  18. 2014


    The first integrated system for sliding pocket doors and flush hinged doors, where jambs, architraves and baseboards are installed without any interruption creating a perfect integration into the wall. ECLISSE opens its showroom in Perugia (IT).

  19. 2015


    ECLISSE SYNTESIS® TECH is the solution that completes ECLISSE SYNTESIS® COLLECTION and that allows to contain service rooms. Wiring, plumbing, electrical systems and even closets can now be hidden and embedded discreetly in the wall.

  20. 2016


    Bi-directional soft close with anti-slam.

  21. 2017

    ECLISSE new showroom opening in Pescara and Munich

    ECLISSE opens the showrooms in Pescara (I) and Munich (D). Not only simple showrooms but a refence point for architects, interior designers and for the private customers, who are becoming more and more attentive and curious. Places open to training sessions and to the development of synergies with all the players.

  22. 2018

    ECLISSE new products and new showroom in 2018


    ECLISSE opens a new showroom in London (UK).

  23. 2019

    ECLISSE's 30th Anniversary

    ECLISSE celebrates its 30th Annyversary on January 10th.